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The main trait of my characte
– my energy, my will, and my optimism. long island escorts

The quality I prefer in a man – knowing how to live and humility (as high as one sits, it is never only on his butt …)

The quality I prefer in a woman – the good mood

What I appreciate most about my friends – their availability and openness. I am always available for my friend (s), and always answer “present”, as soon as they need me, however, I ask reciprocity. No one-way with me, nor friendship “white cane” … Nobody is perfect!

My main fault – my temper tantrums and my milk soup character

My favorite activity – Cooking (My first site was a cooking site, it is not very nice indeed, but it was the first. The table nadine

My dream of happiness – to be loved, (for real)

What would be my greatest misfortune ? – To lose the beings who are dear to me. My parents Where would I like to live? – On a farm in the countryside with cats, dogs, donkeys and lots of animals … Not to mention my little vegetable garden. The color I prefer – The rose The bird that I prefer – The swan. My biggest regret – not having a family. You can not have everything in life, I made bad choices in my private life, I assume them. That does not prevent me from having regrets.